From complex networks to biomedicine

Welcome to Shan He Lab, a research group led by Dr. Shan He, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham.

Our group’s overall goal is to develop AI techniques for drug discovery and design.


15/Mar/2022 — Site updated after almost two years.

18/Dec/2020 — Chengbin Hou’s 2nd paper “GloDyNE: Global Topology Preserving Dynamic Network Embedding” has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. Congratulations to Chengbin!

07/Dec/2020 — David McDonald successfully defended his PhD thesis with (very) minor corrections. Well done and congratulations to David!

06/Nov/2020 — David McDonald’s paper “HEAT: Hyperbolic Embedding of Attributed Networks” won the Best Paper Award on Machine Learning from The 21st International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (IDEAL). Congratulations to David!

01/Nov/2020 — Yunpeng’s Molecular Systems Biology paper “Integrated regulatory models for inference of subtype-specific susceptibilities in glioblastoma” is now online. Please check it out!

22/Oct/2020 — Alex Popa join our lab as an intern to work on graph data science. Welcome Alex!

19/July/2020 — Gourab’s paper “PoLoBag: Polynomial Lasso Bagging for signed gene regulatory network inference from expression data” has been accepted by Bioinformatics. Congratulations!

01/Oct/2020 — Ehsan Bhatti joined our lab as a PhD student, focusing on network drug target identification. Welcome Ehsan!

01/Mar/2020 — Dong’s paper “Active module identification from multilayer weighted gene co-expression networks: a continuous optimization approach” has been accepted by IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Well done!

01/Feb/2020 — Yavuz U─čurlu joined our group to start his PhD in ligand-based and structure-based drug discovery.