The Generalised Maximum Entropy Principle

In this blog, I will introduce the Generalised Maximum Entropy principle as presented in (Kesavan and Kapur 1989). To generalise MaxEnt, the paper explicitly expresses its three probabilistic entities, namely, the entropy measure, the set of moment constraints and the probability distribution, and then examines its consequences, e.g., the inverse MaxEnt. The paper links MaxEntContinue reading “The Generalised Maximum Entropy Principle”

Principle of Maximum Entropy

This is the first blog of a series to argue a logical but controversial view: biomedicine as inference. In this first one, I am going to introduce the principle of Maximum Entropy (MaxEnt). The principle was proposed by Edward Jaynes in 1957. MaxEnt and its more general form Maximum Calibre (MaxCal) have been applied inContinue reading “Principle of Maximum Entropy”