Shan He is a Senior Lecturer (Tenured Associate Professor) in Computational Biology in School of Computer Science, the University of Birmingham. He is also an affiliate of the Centre for Computational Biology. Shan’s research interests include complex network analysis, machine learning, optimisation, agent-based modelling and their applications to biological and clinical problems. Shan is an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience. He also serves as the Editorial Board Member of Complex & Intelligent Systems (Springer).

Ning Shi is a 4th-year PhD Student whose research topics are complex network inference and control.

David McDonald is a 4-year PhD Student whose research topics are graph-based machine learning (e.g., embedding) and network control.

Han Zhang is a 4th-year PhD Student whose research topics are network biology and medicine

Chengbin Hou is a 3rd-year PhD Student who is doing research in graph embedding. He currently at SUSTech.

Gourab Ghosh Roy is a 2nd-year PhD Student who aims to understand the relationship between complex network architectures and dynamics.

Rui He is a 2nd-year PhD Student who is interested in active learning. He is based in SUSTech.

Mingyang Feng is a 2nd-year PhD Student. His research topic is swam intelligence. He is based in SUSTech.

Yavuz Uğurlu started his PhD in Feb. 2020, focusing on ligand-based and structure-based drug discovery.

Ehsan Bhatti just started his PhD in Oct. 2020. He is interested in network control and drug target identification.

Past members

Jiarui Zhou is now a Lecturer in the School of Bioscience, University of Birmingham. He received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering (Zhejiang University, 2014). Jiarui’s research interests include machine learning (ensemble, deep learning, etc.), complex networks (omics network reconstruction, multilayer, etc.), computational intelligence (memetic computing), and their applications on multi-omics data analysis. He is also working on omics database and workflow development. Jiarui is a researcher, functional programmer, tech nerd, and otaku.

Weiqi Chen is now working as Quantitative Analyst at Citi. Check out her LinkedIn page

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